Captions and Instagram Randomness

IMG_2995_Fotor              (this picture has nothing to do with Instagram captions)

Why is it that people can solve a rubrics cube in under a minute, but it takes people over an hour to come up with an Instagram caption? My friends always text me almost every time they need advice on what to put for their Instagram caption. I’m flattered they want me to do it, but honestly I don’t get what is so hard about coming up with one. School is supposed to be hard, not captions. People on social media think it needs to be these specific, well thought out, words that have to go with the picture. For my Instagram captions I say one of the first things that come to mind. Simplicity is almost always key for Insta. Why would I risk damaging my brain and losing brain cells overthinking a stupid Instagram caption. In the end, after all the thinking, the caption most likely ends up being a few words or a couple of emoji’s anyway. So keep it simple people, keep it simple. If you really think about it, sometimes captions are just for personal pleasure to make yourself feel better about what you are posting to world. When the caption is on point, you just feel so much better about life. I’m guilty of this too; I have freaked out before and have asked everyone what should my caption be. But someone won’t like your great looking picture just because your caption is off or you have no caption at all. If anything, it will make your photo standout more because it is different than what anyone else does and sees. I think being unique and different is also something good to have in an Instagram caption. Creating a caption is not like putting on makeup, you don’t have to blend in all the time (?? Idk just made that up), you don’t always have to use the Valencia filter for every picture because your friends do, switch it up and use Sierra. AND when a hit album comes out, YOU KNOWWW there will be millions of Drake, Kendrick, RiRi, etc. lyric captions. That is the time I choose to be different and don’t post a picture using the same thing everyone else does and I wait until the craze calms down.

There are also the unsaid rules of Instagram that everyone knows but never talks about. To me it’s annoying. For example, why is it that its not socially acceptable to post more than one photo a day unless you are famous or something?! Sometimes I post two photos in one day or delete the first one I posted because I changed my mind. Most people would call that an Insta “no,no” or make fun of it because why did you post it. I don’t get why. If you like one picture over the other 10 mins after posting it, change it, who cares?? Am I offending or hurting anyone? No. It is only Instagram, but society sets all these weird rules for what is okay. I don’t understand when someone posts two pictures on the same day; 95 out of 100 times the second caption will be about having a second post. Like we know it is your second post, just own it, you don’t need to caption it that (Maybe that goes back to what I said before about feeling confident about posting) but your followers will like the Insta anywayyss.

I guess I just have the idgaf attitude when it comes to all of this and I’m about doing what you want. So, if you want to post the same lyrics, in depth thought, double Instagram type of captions, go ahead and do it. Live life, More Life- Drake. And I will be more than happy to come up with your captions at 1$ a photo. Hmu jk. Actually I’m serious I will do it.

Chao! xoxo..gossip girl.. jk its just me Alexa..ok this is awkward bye.